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Our first album, "MESS THAT WE MADE," has been launched into the musical universe and can be heard across all streaming platforms as of Saturday, December 23, 2023! The inspiration for these songs stemmed from the unique blend of joy and apprehension experienced while writing during the early days of the pandemic with our newborn son, born in

Our first album, "MESS THAT WE MADE," has been launched into the musical universe and can be heard across all streaming platforms as of Saturday, December 23, 2023! The inspiration for these songs stemmed from the unique blend of joy and apprehension experienced while writing during the early days of the pandemic with our newborn son, born in March 2020. This challenging yet enriching period formed the basis for the diverse themes in our music, spanning hope and despair, love and the blues, and touching on various musical genres and societal issues. Navigating through the hurdles of life, forming a band and creating this album was our reality, and we take great pride in our achievements. We sincerely hope you find enjoyment in it too!

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  Shannon and Jason Gilmore's musical journey commenced in 2000, as they shared the stage with The Old Dog Band in Colorado Springs. Their onstage synergy, Shannon lending her vocals and Jason playing the guitar and mandolin, laid the foundation for a lasting friendship. Despite Shannon's departure to her home state of California in 2005, their bond endured. Meanwhile, Jason continued shaping his musical path, contributing his talents to various bands in the Colorado Springs area like Creating a Newsense, The J.Miller Band, and Woodshed Red.

  Fast forward to 2016, an opportunity drew Shannon back to Colorado Springs, rekindling her involvement in the local music scene while owning Rocks Sports Bar & Grill. After more than a decade, Shannon and Jason seamlessly reconnected, resurrecting their musical collaboration. Their repertoire expanded across diverse genres—blues, folk, rock, bluegrass, country, reggae, soul, funk, and more.

  The magnetic connection and friendship between Shannon and Jason gradually evolved, leading to the inception of The Gilmore Family Band in November 2019. Their musical endeavors saw them joining forces with prominent Colorado musicians and, in 2020, welcoming John Wise on Bass and Teddy Nazario on Drums, both esteemed members of the renowned Colorado band, TRIBE, solidifying the band's foundation.

  After an incredible two-plus decades of creating musical memories in Colorado, The Gilmore Family has moved to the driftless plains of Wisconsin. They are gearing up to launch their first album, "MESS THAT WE MADE,"  to be released December 23, 2023. This relocation offers a fresh beginning, new prospects, and the joy of being nearer to family. It's yet another unexpected twist in The Gilmore Family's musical journey.

Shannon Gilmore-Vocals/Percussion

  Shannon's musical journey began almost concurrently with her ability to speak, her earliest memories adorned with performances of classics like the Allen Toussaint/Lee Dorsey's "Working In The Coal Mine," echoing through family gatherings. She fostered an unwavering kinship with Soul and R&B music, attributing her deepest influences to legendary vocalists such as Koko Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Chaka Khan, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Susan Tedeschi. Her vocal prowess ranges from powerful and gritty to tender and nuanced, a spectrum she honed by delving into classical vocal training under Maureen Moore's guidance in the San Francisco Bay area at the age of 18.

  In 1998, Shannon departed California, embarking on a path that would lead her to a transformative musical metamorphosis in Colorado. Serendipity played its hand when she encountered a young guitarist, Jason Gilmore, at an open mic night in Manitou Springs, CO. This encounter sparked a partnership that saw them perform together in The Old Dog Band from 2000 to 2005, forging an enduring friendship and an unshakable musical connection that transcended time. Despite Shannon's return to California to be closer to family, the echoes of Colorado's call resonated once more in 2016, reuniting these musical kindred spirits, rekindling their shared passion for creating music together.


Jason Gilmore-Guitar/Mandolin

 Jason commenced his musical voyage in his hometown of Galesburg, IL back in 1991, where his initial infatuation with heavy metal and grunge, gave way to blues luminaries like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In the mid-90s, pivotal moments witnessing The Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead prompted a transformative shift in his musical perspective. Immersed in the influences of these iconic bands, Jason began crafting a distinctive guitar style that traversed across multiple music genres. Embracing the sounds of bands like Government Mule, Moe, and Widespread Panic in the late 90s, he charted a new musical course amidst the Colorado Mountains.

  In 1999, while residing in Illinois, Jason's encounter with the Colorado-based band Leftover Salmon left an indelible mark. This moment steered his aspirations, shaping the kind of musician he aspired to become. By 2000, armed with his truck and his first Mandolin, he made the journey westward to Colorado Springs. His inaugural open mic appearance landed him as the lead guitarist in The Old Dog Band, a pivotal moment that set his trajectory in stone. From that point onward, Jason has had the fortune of sharing the stage with an array of musical legends including Bernie Worrell, Strangefolk, Split Lip Rayfield, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Asleep At The Wheel, Dumpstaphunk, Leftover Salmon, and numerous others.

John Wise-Bass/Vocals

 Furnishing the robust Bass lines and soul-stirring Vocals for The Gilmore Family Band, John Wise stands as a seasoned figure within Colorado's music realm and the broader musical landscape. John's roots trace back to the esteemed band TRIBE, where he adeptly juggled roles as the lead vocalist and bassist, a notable feat in contemporary music due to the intricate challenge of harmonizing disparate melodies and rhythms simultaneously.

  John holds a distinctive place in music history, being among the initial white musicians welcomed into the Black Musician's Local 627 Union in Kansas City, MO, a union that hosted legendary figures like Count Basie, Charlie Parker, and Big Joe Turner. This recognition stands as a testament to his talent, further exemplified by John's compelling, velvety voice that effortlessly encapsulates the raw emotion expected from top-tier vocalists.

  In an era where bass players often lean toward excessive strings and lack the desired depth, Brother John Wise champions the essence of the "down low," contributing the rhythmic essence that perfectly complements the band's vibe.

Teddy Nazario-Drums

  Teddy Nazario, known as "The Giant" on the drums, has earned this moniker due to his larger-than-life impact on any rhythm section, irrespective of the musical genre. Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, his upbringing within the vibrant Latin and Caribbean cultures profoundly shaped his drumming style, blending bold confidence with intricate, syncopated nuances. Observing his performance is a mind-boggling experience, witnessing the remarkable independence of all four limbs and the seemingly effortless grace—a result of countless hours spent honing his craft behind the kit.

  His personal tutelage includes invaluable time with the esteemed drummer Henrique DeAlmeida, a member of the esteemed Percussion Faculty at Berklee School Of Music. Teddy considers this experience deeply inspiring and profoundly enlightening. Engaging with Teddy, it's immediately evident that he possesses not only extensive technical expertise but also an unwavering commitment to perfecting his art. He's contributed his immense talent to the New Orleans sound of TRIBE, alongside John Wise, and collaborated with Jason Gilmore in The J.Miller Band, infusing every rhythm with the deepest grooves and a multitude of captivating twists. Teddy Nazario stands as an unparalleled drummer, showcasing an unparalleled dedication and an unrivaled ability to infuse intricate nuances into every beat.

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The Gilmore Family Duo

The Gilmore family duo

Shannon & Jason's Acoustic Duo plays the more mellow side of The Gilmore Family musical repertoire.  Available for gatherings that require a more laid back, quiet setting!!!